Client Assets

Client Assets was a highly demanded and awaited STEL Order functionality. With this feature, we can have a full control over all the machines, computer equipment and other items our clients have bought or rented from us. These can also be items we have installed at our client’s office. All those assets, which are currently, or permanently, owned by our client and require ongoing maintenance, are referred to as client assets.

New client assets can either be created manually – just as if we were creating products in our catalog, or be imported from an Excel file. Next, we should add all the necessary details, select “Subject to Maintenance” and indicate beginning and ending date. We can assign these products to a client or leave them unassigned until such need arises. We can also create an event in our calendar in order to be able to fully control all the issues related to that asset – when, where and to whom should the maintenance be carried out. Finally, we would also recommend creating an automatic task to easily manage our maintenance schedule.

We can add client assets to an invoice and/or to a work delivery note in a Technical Service module. In a “More information” tab, we can select those assets which we want to add to the document we are creating.

In a “Related” tab, we can have a look at the history of all the documents, incidents or events which are related to this asset.

It is also possible to create an automatic task related to a client asset. Have a look at our tutorial Automatic Tasks in which we explain how to do it.