How to create a payment option

In this article we will show you how to create different payment options using STEL Order. You can create and manage multiple payment options that suit your business needs with ease.

How to create a payment option

The following steps will guide you on how to create, edit or delete different payment options:

  1. Go to |Settings| by clicking on your username, on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to |Management Listings| and then click on |Payment Options|.


If you are looking to include specific bank account details within your sales and invoice documents, you will need to select [Link to bank account] within the payment option that you wish this to be included. This option will allow you to insert new or existing bank account details into a new field that will appear on every invoice or sales document that you create with this option.

Also, if you wish for this payment option to be included in remittance documents, you will need to select the [Subject to SEPA payment] option within the payment option configuration.

To find out more about how to create and add bank accounts, please review this article about creating and editing bank accounts.