How to create an invoice summary

It comes in handy to know how to use STEL Order to create an invoice summary.
An invoice summary is a collection if invoices that your company has created and processed over a specified period of time.

invoice summary

This information can serve many purposes: it can be presented to a public authority for legal purposes or act as a confirmation towards your income tax. It can also be used as an overview of your company’s financial operations during a certain period of time. It offers the following information:

  • References
  • Clients
  • Taxable income
  • Tax data

You can download your invoice summary in an Excel format or as a PDF file to send it anywhere you want. All you need to do is go to [Invoicing > Invoice Summary].

What does the [Check Integrity] button do?

When you present your invoice summary to a public authority or banking entity, they will require you to present this information in a specific order of dates, without any gaps or duplicate information.

STEL Order can check this information for you by clicking on the [Check Integrity] button. A warning will come up if there are any gaps or missing information in your invoice summary.

You can also download your invoice summary in relation to your purchases by clicking on [Purchases > Purchase Invoice Summary].