How to download business documents

This article offers information on how you can create estimates and delivery notes online using STEL Order.

You can view your sales documents in many different ways and create personalized templates with varying structures and styles. You can change the layout when creating a PDF version of the document.

download or print documents

Here are the different layout options that you can work with:

  • Valued: The document is generated using all of the products, prices and information.
  • Not Valued: The document is generated without prices or total amounts, just products, services and units.
  • Before Tax: The document is generated without any tax amounts.
  • Pro-forma: The document is generated with every product, price, unit and the total amount (only available for estimates).
  • No Totals: The document is generated without any total amounts.
  • Ticket: The document is generated in a ticket format, which can be printed off using a ticket printer (thermal).