How to generate an invoice from another document

In this article you will learn how to create an invoice using information from another document that you created in STEL Order.

This is known as [Generate], and it will help create a path that links events and operations within your company.

This will also help illustrate what documents are related to each other in the [Related Documents] tab. For example, an estimate may lead to a work order, which in turn leads to an invoice once the work is completed.

generating an invoice

This is the default document path:

Estimate > Sales/Work Order > Delivery Note > Invoice > Refund Invoice

You can generate documents using this order or you can skip any documents if they are not applicable. This allows you to go straight from an estimate to an invoice, for example.

Another main difference between creating and generating a document is that the document that has been used to generate the next document will automatically be set to closed or completed, which prevents the document from being modified or deleted.

When opening a generated document using STEL Order, you will also be able to view “Reference for (first document) reference XXXXX“, which allows you to view the reference ID for the document that generated the one you are viewing.