How to manage invoicing and billing with suppliers

In this article we will cover how to manage invoicing and billing into and from supplier accounts using STEL Order.

Payments and other transactions can be carried out with ease using STEL Order. You will also be able to generate receipts and other documents based on these actions.

account transactions with suppliers

How to manage billing and invoicing with suppliers using STEL Order

Take the following steps to pay or withdraw from a suppliers account:

  1. Access the desired supplier page in STEL Order.
  2. Click on the |Balancetab.
  3. Click on the [Account Transferssub-tab.
  4. Select [Deposit] or [Withdraw], depending on the desired transaction.
  5. Fill in the required fields.


Take the following steps to create a document related to a transaction with your supplier:

  1. Within the purchase invoice, click on |Receipts|.
  2. Click on an existing receipt and edit it to include the information related to the latest deposit (concept, quantity, payment method, etc). 
  3. Mark the receipt as “paid” and save. 
  4. A paid receipt will be generated automatically with the amount you have just inserted (corresponding to the latest transaction) and another pending receipt will be created if there are any outstanding amounts that are due.

If you wish to reduce the amount made from a deposit, you will need to withdraw the correct amount from their account.