How to quickly process invoices using STEL Order

Invoicing, something that we always want to do properly. Let us take a look at how you can use STEL Order to create and send invoices quickly and efficiently.

STEL Order is guaranteed to make your invoicing process quicker, easier and simpler.

quickly process payments

1. When creating or editing
As you create your invoices, there will always be a tick-box available labelled [Set as paid]. Once active, it will automatically set the invoice on the system as “paid”.

2. When browsing the |Receipts| tab within an invoice
You will be able to view, at all times, any receipts associated with an invoice in the |Receipts| tab within the invoice page itself. As you gradually set them as “paid”, you will notice how the invoice goes from “pending” to “partially paid” and then to “paid”.

The number of receipts will be different for each invoice depending on the payment terms that are applicable to said invoice.
For example, if we set a payment term as 30-60-90 days, three receipts will be generated. The first will be intended for the first 34% to be paid during the first 30 days, the following will correspond to 33% being paid within 60 days and the remaining 33% to be paid within a 90 day period.

3. When visiting the |Invoice Receipts| section
Here you will see any existing receipts. This process works the same as was seen in case 2.
As the receipts get paid in accordance with your payment terms, you will need to set each one as “paid”, which will automatically update the state of the invoices they are attached to.

Of course, you can also set an invoice as partially paid if necessary. All you need to do is insert the amount that is being paid, and if the amount is lower than the amount mentioned in the pending receipt. Another receipt will automatically appear with the outstanding amount enclosed within it.

You can find out more information about invoice receipts in this help center article about managing sales and refund receipts.

Supplier and purchase invoices work in the same way. Just set the receipts or the invoices as “paid” and they will automatically be updated on the system.