Managing receipts for invoices and refunds

You can use STEL Order to manage your invoice and refund receipts, which allows you to correctly administer each invoice and payment made to and from your company.

Every receipt is generated automatically when you create an invoice. These will be created depending on the payment terms that you have set for your invoice.

refund invoices

You will find your invoice payments in the Invoice Receipts section, while your refund payments are located within the Refund Receipts section.

You can use the [Filterbutton to change the view of your receipts, depending on your search criteria:

  • Only view paid receipts
  • Only view unpaid receipts
  • Only view remitted receipts (used in SEPA Remittances)

How to manage sales receipts for invoices and refunds

Take the following steps to create a new receipt:

  1. Click on an existing receipt within an invoice.
  2. Edit the Amount, Concept and Payment Term fields.
  3. Save

Two receipts will be created at this time, one for the amount that we have just introduced and another corresponding to the remaining amount that has yet to be paid (if applicable).

Take the following steps to set a receipt as “paid”:

  1. Click on an existing receipt within an invoice.
  2. Click on the Paid tick-box.
  3. Save.

The associated invoice will automatically be set to “paid”, so long as there are no outstanding receipts that need paying.