Updating client and product information using Excel

This operation is very similar to when you import your data using an Excel document.

The main difference is that, when you update, STEL Order checks through existing data to verify whether there is any similar information on the system. This will allow you to choose whether you want to update an existing record, once it has been detected, or leave it as it is. This will also allow you to create new entries if there is information within the Excel document that is not currently on STEL Order.

You can also view this help center article about importing client and product information.

update data from excel

The following steps will guide you on how to update your information with STEL Order:

  1. Go to |Settings| by clicking on your username, on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to |Import/Export|

In the |Update from file| tab, you will need to configure the following options:

  • Type of information: Here you can set the type of information that you wish to update.
  • ID/Ref. Number: Here you can define a reference number for the file that you wish to update, or you can allow STEL Order to do this automatically for you and assign its own reference number (see more on configuring reference numbers for documents here).
  • Header and Titles: Here you can set how many rows or columns are used for title or header purposes within the document.
  • File Format: Here you can confirm if the document is an Excel file (.xls and .xlsx) or if it is a .csv file.
  • Category: Here you can choose whether the information you are uploading belongs to an existing category within STEL Order.
  • Payment Option (only for clients): Here you can choose if the client list you are updating will use a default payment option. You will need to create these options before selecting them.
  • Assign to (only for clients): Here you can select if the client list you are uploading belongs to a certain member of staff or Agent.
  • Applicable Tax (only for products and services): Here you can set the type of tax that is applicable to the product or service list that you are uploading.
  • Subject to Primary Tax / Subject to Secondary Tax (only for clients): Here you can select whether the list of clients you are updating are subjected to a certain type of tax or not.
  • Managed Stock (only for products): Here you can select whether the list of products that you are uploading will have a managed stock or not.

After you have configured the information that you wish to update, you will need to select a file by clicking on |Upload file|.

After loading the file, you will see the first five rows within the file. This is where you can select which column corresponds to each field in STEL Order and to ensure all the information is carried over correctly.
In other words, the title of each column will appear with a box on top to select which data entry it corresponds to. Please double check that each column is paired with the appropriate field. 

Once all of this is done, all you need to do is click the |Update| button to begin updating your client and product information on STEL Order.