Última actualización: 30/05/2018

In our constant endeavor to improve STEL Order, we have learned that the most requested feature you have been asking us for is the ability to configure and add special rates and prices.

Which is why we are going to be implementing this feature in the coming update.

STEL Order Version 3.8.1: Special Rates & Prices

Aside from being able to define different rates for your clients and being able to establish special prices for certain products depending on the client, there have been other multiple improvements.

The following is a complete list of changes and improvements:

  • Special rates for clients and products.
  • Special prices for clients and products.
  • Setting up different client categories with specific rates.
  • Being able to filter your products, services, clients and potential clients by rates.
  • “Invoice Summary” has been changed to “Sent Invoice Summary”.
  • Special prices with different currencies that update in real times thanks to being connected with the ECB.
  • Improvements in the behavior of the RECEIPTS tab within invoices.
  • Being able to edit the creation date of an incident and the date it was assigned (you will only be able to edit the date it was assigned if an employee has been assigned to the incident.
  • Exporting the reference when generating an Excel of your received invoice summary.
  • Units are now included in the Sales by Item report.
  • The “Personal” calendar will be loaded by default when creating an event.
  • Some necessary changes when generating an E-Invoice.

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We thank you once again for placing your trust in us,
The STEL Order Team