Manage your company’s internal emails and improve communication with your customers.

Connect is a mailing system to send email notifications to your customers, easily and quickly.

¿What can you do with Connect?

Customer debtors

One of the main problems for businesses is unpaid invoices.

To try to mitigate this issue, we have created a specific functionality that we call “Notification of unpaid invoices” or “Notification of customers in arrears”, which, with a single click, automatically generates notifications to all your customers who have unpaid invoices.

Outstanding budgets

With this new functionality, you can filter all your pending quotes in your sales module, and select all those documents to be sent from Connect, with a template email created to ask your customers if they want to accept the quotes you have generated.

Incident management

If you are one of the many customers we have who use the SAT module or the maintenance module, you will be able to activate an e-mail notification when an incident is created or closed.

In addition, the email is also customisable and is suitable for the use of labels.

Rating widget

Now your customers can rate your work through the “Rating Widget”, inside your STEL Order you will be able to see your customers’ ratings.

The “Rating Widget” can be included in as many Connect templates as you need. In the design of the emails, you can insert the rating tag, to embed the rating faces to know the opinion of your customers about the service you provide.

Rating history

The valuations are linked to the documents, sorted by date, which allows us to have a history of valuations.

You can create multiple mailing templates to send bulk mailings to your customers.

Create templates for recurring events, special days, offers or discounts, and send them to as many customers as you want with a single click.

Mail personalisation labels

STEL Order’s predefined labels are those with a text between @, which allow you to personalise your emails automatically for each client and/or document.

Different mail editors

Now creating your email marketing template has never been easier. With connect you have 3 options, text, html or drag/drop.

With the drag/drop system you will create email templates like an email marketing professional.

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