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Make your business and life easier

The best value management software for freelancers and companies

ERP, CRM, management software, invoicing software… The name doesn’t matter, the important thing is that it makes your business and your life easier.


Easy, quick and secure


Grows your business


Wherever you are


The best support

ERP, CRM and invoicing software in one

STEL Order is a cloud and mobile management software that allows you to manage all your business processes in an orderly, fast and secure way.

It combines the functionalities of the best ERP, CRM and invoicing program on the market, in a single business management program accessible from PC, mobile and tablet with which you will love to work.

Ideal for freelancers and companies in your sector

Saves a lot of time in management


Sell more, wherever you are


Improve your customer service

Instant account setup
Data updated automatically and in real time
Secure information in the cloud


STEL Order is the management software with which you manage all your business processes: your catalogue and warehouse, your customers and prospects, your commercial and sales processes, your technical service and installations, your invoicing, your purchases, your reports and many more functions with which your business grows.

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Take with you all the information you need about your customers and prospects thanks to STEL Order’s online and mobile CRM: business information, addresses, contact persons, document management, views, meetings and opportunities, document history and much more. Improve communication with your customers.

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Invoicing software

Create professional invoices with your PC, mobile and tablet and get paid faster STEL Order has features to optimize your billing management: Online payments, refound Invoices, invoice templates, online collections, recurring billing, one-click notification to debtor customers, electronic billing and much more.

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If you don’t love managing your business with STEL Order we will give you your money back.

The STEL Order app is the best rated on Google Play and AppStore


Works with or without Internet access


Keep your product and service catalogue always updated with prices, rates, stock, photos and documents


All your customer information, wherever you are


Make delivery notes or work reports and collect the client’s signature


Make invoices, send them by mail or whatsapp and charge by card, from your mobile phone


Manage your incidents or alerts immediately


Take pictures and record audio to document your interventions


Manage your agenda to plan your day-to-day and your team’s


Your business at a glance with real-time reports

App android e iOS ERP para electricistas y empresas de electricidad

Pastor Luis Dominguez Trujillo

The program is great, both the PC and mobile apps. We’re very happy, we’ve been using it for a couple of months. I have been surprised by the support over the phone, fast and effective. They are also constantly improving, which is good.


Excellent product and service. I am self-employed, I manage biomass boilers and I was very tired of not finding a program adapted to my needs at a reasonable cost. Or it is exceeded in functionalities (because it is thought for big corporations) and also in price. STEL ORDER is perfect in every way, try it, it won’t let you down.

Alfredo de mantenimiento

The app works great. The phone service for any doubt or technical question is great, I have always been attended in a fast, polite and efficient way. It is very important to have a backup and to be calm. Thanks to the application we have saved a lot of money in the office, avoiding also failures with the administrative staff.

Raquel Abellán

Very good program, both for the daily management of the company (purchases, sales, tickets,…), and the accounting connection with your bookkeeper. It allows you to get a lot of reports and facilitates all kinds of information. I recommend it 100%.

Javier Padron Noda

Very good program, the best. At the time I downloaded the demo and finally I became a client because it is a program with the best quality/price ratio. You have customer service that solves all your doubts.


Very good software. I have used several billing and stock management software and this is certainly one of the most complete and easy to use. As an important point to note that the company developers are in Spain and is very easy to contact them to deal with the day to day operation. 100% recommended.

The ideal management software for many businesses and for yours too.

I’m sure you know professionals like you who use STEL Order to manage their businesses.

Eight years ago we started to create STEL Order thinking that it would be an ideal management tool for most sectors. We are continuously evolving, including functionalities and improvements that thousands of professionals like you transfer to us every day.

Technical services and maintenance

STEL Order provides you with an exclusive SAT (Technical Assistance Service) module and is ideal for freelancers and companies that provide services in mobility. It allows you to manage your sales, installations, projects and everything related to maintenance.

It is the management software of choice for installation companies, maintenance companies, air conditioning companies, plumbers, electricity companies, telecommunications companies, security companies, electronics companies, TSS companies, renewable energy companies, repair workshops, construction and renovation companies and other sectors that provide technical services.

ERP, CRM y programa de facturación para empresas y autónomos comerciales y de distribución

Sales force and distribution

Thanks to its mobility, freelancers, SMEs and companies dedicated to the representation, sale and distribution of products or services find in STEL Order an ideal commercial management program to optimize your business resources wherever you are.

You carry your product catalogue on your mobile phone and tablet, you know the information you need from your customers, you make budgets, you take orders, you make delivery notes and invoices and you use the agenda to plan, optimise and control your sales force. Your perfect management from the office, from the customer’s home and on the move.

Offices and other sectors

It has all the management and billing functionalities your business needs. All the information in order and accessible from mobile, tablet and PC.

Professional services companies, consultants, engineers, computer companies, manufacturers, designers and marketing agencies are some of the sectors that use STEL Order as their online and mobile management and billing program.

Shops and stores

An online and mobile POS with which to make invoices or tickets using a barcode reader and printing in ticket format.

Control from anywhere the sales, the cashier, the stock and update the price of your products without the need to be in your store. With STEL Order you know today, what you will need tomorrow and wherever you are.

Some modules and functionalities of STEL Order


Work with an updated online and mobile catalog with the information you need about your products and services: prices, descriptions, rates, images, attachments. Control the stock and all the history of sales and purchases of your products.


All the information you need about your customers and prospects with STEL Order’s online and mobile CRM: email, addresses, document management, history, events, tasks and much more. Improve communication with your customers with Connect.


It eliminates paper, errors and sells more and better. STEL Order’s business management features allow you to sell anywhere. With STEL Order you can create quotes, orders, delivery notes and invoices with your mobile phone, instantly.

Technical Service

Manage your installations, maintenance and repairs wherever you are: incidents or warnings, assets, delivery notes, work reports, checklists or signed bills with your mobile phone.


Create invoices with your mobile phone, send them by email and know when your customers read them. Do recurrent billing, card payment. Notify your customers with a click.


Use the STEL Order calendar to plan your day-to-day and your team’s: shared calendars, personalized events, attachments, reminders and much more.


Optimize your purchases and other expenses with STEL Order. Manage your suppliers, orders, delivery notes, purchase invoices and other expenses, wherever you are. Stock control is automatic.


All your business information at a click: reports on profit, invoicing, purchases, evolution, taxes, stock, by client, by product and by employee.


Invite your bookkeeper to your STEL Order to access the information you need, when you need it. Both you and your bookkeeper can export the information to an accounting software with a few clicks.


Manage your projects in an orderly, fast and safe way. Relate your clients, incidents, commercial documents, events and tasks to the different projects, in the cloud from your PC, mobile and tablet, wherever you are.

Total Mobility

Manage your business with the best rated management and billing App in Google Play and App Store. Manage your business from anywhere with your PC, mobile or tablet, whether or not you have Internet access.


Geolocate and record the routes taken by your employees, as well as the time and place of work performed for your customers during your workday, and visualize the location of your employees in real time.

Features that make STEL Order the ERP and CRM software you’ll love working with

Acknowledgement of reading

You know instantly when your customers see your quotes or invoices.

Online payments

With STEL Order you can collect your invoices or quotes by credit card or Paypal.


Notify your clients of the status of their incidents and send personalized emails.


Geolocate your customers on the map and assign incidents to the nearest technician.


It turns emails into incidents and opportunities.

Automatic tasks

Automate your recurring or periodic billing and preventive maintenance.

Your customer's rating

Include the rating widget in your emails to gather feedback from your customers.

Developer API

Connect STEL Order to your online store and to your favorite applications. We help you be unstoppable.

The ERP best valued by thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies from all sectors.

"I couldn't make it without STEL Order”. It's the management program that has changed my life."

Thanks to STEL Order, I have been improving the management of my catering technical service business. Now I can assign alerts to the technician and they do directly the delivery note or the invoice in their mobile. When we start with the program in 2012 we where 6 technicians, and now we are 17 and the office personnel have reduced their job despite the growth.

José Morales, Gerente JMC

Watch video of STEL Order as the ERP for technical services and maintenance.

“The best ERP that I have used”. Goes always with me."

I use STEL Order to manage my distribution enterprise of catering products. I use my tablet and phone to show my product catalog and take sale orders. I also create the delivery note and invoice anywhere.

The truth is that the program it’s amazing, I have used too many before, but this one it’s the best. Continue like that guys.

Asencio, AROMALINE S.L Manager.

Watch video of STEL Order as ERP for distribution and commercial businesses.

“The best ERP that I have used”. Goes always with me."

I use STEL Order to manage my distribution enterprise of catering products. I use my tablet and phone to show my product catalog and take sale orders. I also create the delivery note and invoice anywhere.
The truth is that the program it’s amazing, I have used too many before, but this one it’s the best. Continue like that guys.

Daniel, Gerente de CMD Informática

Watch a video of a STEL Order success story for stores and stores.

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