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Offer complete customer files and powerful tools to your sales team

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  • Create stronger relationships with your clients.

Manage your clients and potential clients as they deserve, build loyalty and sell more.

  • Connect your clients to your company

Provide immediate assistance to your clients at any time and automatically.


Create and send estimates, orders and delivery notes with document traceability in seconds

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  • Facilitates, enhances and accelerates sales processes

Improve the commercial work of your company by centralizing the processes of your sales team.

  • Assign customized statuses to your estimates

Track the estimates sent to your potential clients.

  • Reduce administrative burden and focus on selling

Discover STEL Order’s most innovative tools for selling from any location

  • Create and send documents with read notification

Send documents such as delivery notes, invoices or estimates with reading notification.


Manage your incidents and preventive/corrective maintenance efficiently.

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  • Controls warranties of equipment or assets installed in clients

It offers an enhanced, customized and scalable level of technical support.

  • Collect your clients’ signatures on your delivery notes

Upon completion of the job, collect your client’s signature on the delivery note and send the invoice instantly.

  • Take a photo or attach other documents to your packing slips

Photos, audios, videos or installation manuals are always accessible and in the palm of your hand.

  • Even if you have no Internet connection

You can do all of the above and much more, even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Online Catalogue

Manage your clients and potential clients as they deserve, build loyalty and sell more.

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  • All the information you need about your products and services

Create and configure the product card with photos, purchase prices or commercial margin.

  • Create special sales prices or rates

Create special prices or multi-tariffs, ideal for those special clients with special prices.

  • Control the equipment installed on your clients

Manages assets at clients, such as machinery or special equipment that require ongoing maintenance.

  • Muestra tu catálogo y crea presupuestos estés donde estés

Show your online catalog from anywhere, with your cell phone or tablet even if you are offline.

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Sell more with your online store and client portal fully customizable and integrated with STEL Order.

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  • Online Shop

Create your online store natively connected to STEL Order, so you can sell 24 hours a day.

  • Sell more

Position your store on Google, connect ad platforms or send mailings.

  • Client Portal

Invite your clients to track their orders or incidents on a configurable dashboard.

  • Fully customizable

Use your store as a simple catalog or allow each guest user to see personalized prices. The possibilities are endless.

Expense control

Keep track of current expenses and automate orders to your suppliers with real-time updating of your product stocks

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  • Suppliers

Automate orders to your suppliers with the products you need and your desired frequency.

  • Controls actual and virtual stock to avoid stock-outs

Add products every time you order from suppliers to the virtual stock, and to the real stock when you receive them.

  • Expenses

Keep track of your expenses, whether they are tickets, transportation expenses, gasoline, insurance, etc.

  • Bundle your supplier’s shipments on a single invoice

By selecting all of your supplier’s delivery notes, you will be able to create a single invoice that groups all of them together.

Stock Control

Manage your company’s total stock, avoid stock outs and obtain traceability of stock transfers down to the smallest detail.

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  • Total control of your company’s inventory

Perform an exhaustive control of your company’s stock, both in sales, orders to suppliers or stock transfers between warehouses or work vehicles.

  • Clear and reliable information

You have inventory reports at your disposal and you can also configure even the smallest details within each product, such as sales margins or minimum prices.


Create multiple calendars and connect your technicians. Set recurring tasks or alerts

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  • Connect your employees

Create individual calendars for each member of your team. Organiza llamadas, visitas o tareas y mira la disponibilidad de tu equipo.

  • Intelligent calendar

Each new incident assigned to your technicians will be reflected in the calendar on the agreed day and time, where the technician will be able to consult all the information related to the incident.


Improve your communication with your clients by sending email templates

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  • Mail marketing optimizado

Create mailing templates with dynamic labels and choose which user to send it to. Collect ratings or receive reading notifications.

  • Notification of payment default

Send your clients a reminder that they have outstanding invoices with you.

Total Mobility

Use the STEL Order mobile application from any location

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  • Available for all mobile devices

STEL Order’s mobile application is the best rated by its clients on these platforms.

  • Fast, safe and reliable. Even without connection

By using STEL Order from any of its applications you will be able to consult information or create documents from anywhere, even if you are offline.


Keep track of the actual profitability of your projects and know the deviation from the expected one with advanced reports

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  • Manage as many projects as you need

Ideal for any performance you need to control profitability, expenses and income.

  • Trazabilidad documental hasta el más mínimo detalle

Relates delivery notes, orders, sales, purchases and queries what, who and when the document was created.


Automate your favorite tasks. Create recurring invoices, preventive maintenance or alerts as often as you require

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  • Creates recurring invoices

Create recurring invoices to save time. Choose which client, lines and frequency you want to create your recurring invoices.

  • Automate events, appointments, tasks, maintenance, orders…

You can automate everything you need; from the monthly orders to suppliers to the tasks that have to be done monthly to the creation and sending of estimates or invoices.

Online Payments

Attach your PayPal or Stripe account to your invoices so they can be paid online.

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  • Stripe o PayPal

Integrate any of the most famous platforms to receive online payments. Your clients will be able to pay the invoice directly.

  • Online Shop

From your online store, receive orders and allow your clients to pay you through these platforms.

Accounting transfer

Exports accounting information from STEL Order. Compatible with the main accounting software on the market.

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  • Define your accounting accounts

Define the accounting accounts of your clients, suppliers and products, among others.

  • Invite your consultant

If your advisor is in charge of the accounting for your company

Work Orders

Create and assign work orders in which you can attach signatures, documents, photos, audios and invoice them in one click.

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  • Manual or automatic assignment

Use STEL Order Inbox to create and assign incidents fully automatically. The assigned technician will be able to consult all the information of the incident directly.

  • Enriched documentation

Attach all the information you need, from installation manuals to photos, audios or videos, to your work report. At the end of the job, invoice it in just one click.

Ticket BAI

Programa de facturación adaptado a las tres Haciendas Forales del País Vasco

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  • Software Garante

STEL Order ha sido aprobado por las Haciendas Forales del País Vasco como software garante, por lo que todos nuestros clientes del País Vasco cumplen con la nueva medida.

  • Códigos QR

Las facturas de Ticket BAI emitidas con STEL Order ya llevan incorporadas el código QR. Las empresas que adopten Ticket BAI antes del período obligatorio se beneficiarán de importantes deducciones.


Use Inbox to receive your emails in STEL Order. Increase your productivity.

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  • Automatic incidents

Use the Inbox email to receive in STEL Order directly all the information contained in that email. You can use it to receive requests for estimates or to attend incidents.

  • Efficient assignment

When configuring Inbox, you will be able to choose which employee to assign the incident to, either always the same employee or the agent assigned to that specific client who just sent the email.


Get sales, purchase, tax or stock reports to know the financial status of your business.

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  • Real-time reporting

Visibility of the company’s overall performance and internal processes in real time to facilitate decision making.

  • Reports at a glance

Quick overview of your company’s sales turnover, purchases and expense distribution in a single chart on a yearly or quarterly basis.

Advisory Role

Work simultaneously with your STEL Order advisor, completely free of charge, at any time.

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  • Invite your advisor

In a quick and simple way, your advisor will have access to all the information he needs and that you decide, for the realization of the accounting of your company.

  • Efficient and fast communication

Don’t waste any more time or information by sending documentation to your consultant. STEL Order is the interface between both parties, improving communication between the company and the consultancy.


Link STEL Order to your online store or your favorite application. Integration with all types of software.

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  • Public API for all

Created so that any developer can access STEL Order and integrate it with any type of software, online store or human resources application.

  • Automates manual processes

Automates the transfer of documentation, and streamlines areas of the company that are separated by the use of different digital platforms not connected to each other.


Additional functionality. Helps your employees to better manage routes and work times, improving their performance.

  • Geolocates and records routes

Record where and when incidents, visits or documents generated by your employees on the street take place.

  • Real-time locations

Localiza a tus empleados más cercanos de las rutas de trabajo, y ahorra en los tiempos de gestión de tus comerciales o técnicos.

Multiple Warehouses

Additional functionality. Controls the inventory of an unlimited number of warehouses and products.

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  • Stock transfers

Controls stock and movements within all warehouses, historical consultation, document traceability and product flow.

  • Control of permissions

Manage and coordinate the operations performed by your employees in all your company’s warehouses. Assign different permissions for viewing, modifying or transferring stock.

Non-payment notices

Additional functionality. Keep track of your clients’ invoices and send notifications to all your clients with one click.

  • Filtering of debtor clients

Filter all your clients with outstanding invoices, and notify all of them at once, with their corresponding invoices attached to the email you send.

  • Personalized non-payment notifications

Personalize your mailings using our predefined labels, with the client’s name, outstanding amount or number of outstanding receipts.


Additional functionality. Time, absence and vacation control fully integrated with STEL Order.

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  • Time control

In-office or remote registration, from web or App. Record your employees’ hours worked. It includes the geolocation and configuration of permissions between the different departments.

  • Absences and vacations

Ditch the spreadsheets and manage your employees’ vacations and absences without unnecessary paperwork and emails.