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New STEL Order’s feature!

Sell online with STEL Shop

Create your online store in minutes. Publish your products with a click and start receiving orders in your STEL Order.

Invite your customers to buy your products and manage their incidents and invoices in your Shop.

Already a customer?

Not a customer yet?

Online store perfectly integrated with your management software to make your customers fall in love with you.

Shop is an online store optimized to be ranked in the main search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Secure payment methods with PayPal and Stripe. Customize the payment method for each of your customers.

Give your customers access to create their own incidents in their own customer portal.

No need to hire third parties to design, create or maintain your ecommerce platform.

Pixel perfect. Responsive design for optimal viewing on any mobile device or PC.

Your company’s and your customers’ data will be secured with SSL certificates.

Take your business
to the Internet

Increase the visibility of your company on the Internet in a simple way. Create your online store yourself, without the need of technical knowledge and with a support team in English to help you whenever you need it.

Strengthen your brand image. Customize your store and commercial documents with your name, logo and corporate colors.

Receive your payments, fast and secure. Secured by SSL and integrated with Stripe and PayPal card payments. STEL Order does not charge commission for your sales.

Multi-rate and special prices. Sell your products with special prices, offers or discounts, and create different rates for each type of customer.

Build loyalty in your business relationships with a customer portal

Customer access with customized permissions. Invite your customers to see your store and choose who can see your product catalog, buy or create incidents in the portal.

Prices adapted to each customer. Customize the experience of your customers by choosing that each one can see the price of the products with their special discount already applied.

Documentation always available. Each customer will be able to view the commercial documents of your choice whenever they need them; estimates, delivery notes, orders or invoices.

Incident creation and tracking. Your own customers create and track their own incidents.

Your online store integrated with the top-rated management software

Our customers rate us 4.7/5 with more than 1200 real reviews on Play Store and App Store.

Invoicing software ideal for your business

Create invoices from up to 500 delivery notes or quotes in one click. Save time and set up your recurring invoices to automate repetitive tasks.

Commercial management taken to the next level

Create complete customer files with special prices, discounts, maximum risk of non-payment or sales or billing reports per customer.

Efficient incident management

Receive and assign incidents to your employees automatically with push notifications. Schedule preventive maintenance with all the attached information you need.

Manage your product catalog

Online catalog, automatic change of purchase prices to suppliers, stock management and multi-warehouse.

Frequently asked questions about STEL Shop

Can I manage my online store with STEL Order?

Yes, STEL Shop is fully integrated with STEL Order. You only have to publish the products you have imported in STEL Order, upload your logo and choose your corporate color, to start selling online.

You can manage all the sales of your online store from STEL Order, as well as control access or customer roles, customize catalog according to customer, special prices, rates, unique products per user, stock control or any other management you need.

With STEL Shop, you have all the management of your business offline and online, in a single platform.

What payment systems can I use in my online store?

You can collect the orders your customers place online with Stripe and PayPal.

If you want to invite customers who have other payment methods predefined in their customer file (bank transfer, cash on delivery, cash, check, bizum…), you can choose to keep that payment method when creating their order.

Is it necessary to contract a hosting and a domain?


STEL Shop is ready for you to set up and running in a few moments without having to hire a hosting or domain and having to configure it.

I have hundreds of products, is it easy to add them to the store?

If you have imported products in STEL Order, you only have to select those you want to publish in Shop, and with one click they will be published in your online store in a quick and easy way. Regardless of the number of products you have.

Can I track visits to my store, carry advertising or register with Google?


You will be able to include in your Shop the Google Analytics tracking code to start seeing the web traffic of your site. You can also include the Facebook Ads pixel to run ads and boost your sales.

In addition, you will be able to register your store with Google using Google Search Console.

I already have an online store, but I want to connect it to STEL Order, can I do it?

Yes, depending on the platform you use in your ecommerce you will need to use either a plugin or our API.

If you manage your online store with Prestashop, you will need the STEL2Presta plugin, plugin developed externally to STEL Order. 

If you use a platform other than Prestashop, you can always use our API with the help of a developer.