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Project management software

Manage an unlimited number of projects and keep track of their profitability, as well as all the tasks and actions carried out.

Ideal for all those specific actions, which have a defined start and end date, or can be extended over time: projects, installations, works, reforms, maintenance to third parties, and even internal maintenance (rental of machinery or equipment).

How can you manage your projects with STEL Order?

Document traceability

Relate all types of documents to your projects: estimates, orders, delivery notes and sales invoices or SA,T and purchase orders, delivery notes or invoices.

Link them from the App, or from the web through a document’s tab or from the list by right-clicking on it.

Assign employees to your projects and define the access rules for each of them.

funcionalidad de trazabilidad documental en el programa de gestión de proyectos de STEL Order
funcionalidad de gestion de eventos en el programa de gestion de proyectos de STEL Order

Manage events

Also links agenda events, tasks, as well as all types of attached documentation: contracts, certificates, images, audios, other types of documents.

Access with a click all attached documentation for each sale or purchase document linked to the project.

funcionalidad de gestion de eventos en el programa de gestion de proyectos de STEL Order

Profitability control

Get complete and intelligent real-time profitability, in relation to what was budgeted, what was spent and what was received, down to the smallest level of detail.

Get perfect traceability of all actions taken in project planning: what was earned or spent, on what date, what products or services, how many units, at what price, in relation to which customer, supplier or employee.

funcionalidad de rentabilidades en el software de gestión de proyectos de STEL
informes creados en software de gestión de proyectos

Project reports

Quickly visualise all the products and services used in the project, their total expense or related income, in which purchase and/or sales documents they have been used, and export all this information in excel.

It easily detects any expense deviations that may occur, in order to be able to anticipate and take the corresponding corrective actions.

informes creados en software de gestión de proyectos

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