ERP software for locksmiths

The best-rated management software for locksmith companies

Incident management, creation of work orders with signature collection, automatic invoicing, display your product and service catalog from anywhere.

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The ideal management software for the self-employed and locksmith companies

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Sergi Queral

Unbeatable support
We have been using this program for 7 years and are still amazed. Business software at a more than affordable price.

November 18, 2021

Jose Manuel

Works perfectly
We have been using the program for 3 days and everything is fine. For companies with technicians on the street…

January 11, 2022

Carlos Montes

Excellent treatment
An excellent application for the management of your business, as well as very friendly when you have a doubt…

June 18, 2021

Joaquin Garcia

Very competitive price
I have been looking for more than 20 years for an app that gives me what STEL Order, I have tried many and none of them…

May 23, 2021

David Uzquiano

A wonderful
It works very well for everything. It’s stable, options and management for whatever you want. Highly recommended…

April 26, 2021

Carmen Sanchez

Very pleased
The best ERP software we have ever known. More than excellent value for money, a technical support of 10.

May 7, 2021

HowSTEL Order helps as locksmith company software

Safes repairs / Community maintenance/ Locks installation / General locksmithing / Security doors / Blinds installation / Shutters installation

ERP for locksmiths

STEL Order’s app for locksmith companies is the best rated in its class on Google Play and AppStore.

4,6 / 5

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4,7 / 5

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  • Work whether or not you have internet access.
  • All the information about your clients, wherever you are.
  • Make delivery notes or work reports and collect the client’s signature.
  • Make invoices, send them by mail or WhatsApp and charge by card, from your cell phone.
  • Manage your incidents or alerts instantly.
  • Take photographs and record audios to document your interventions.
  • Manage your agenda to plan your and your team’s day-to-day activities.
  • Your business at a glance with real-time reporting.
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ERP for Field Services

Leading application for locksmith companies

Incident or notification management

The definitive software for locksmith companies for the management of incidents and maintenance notifications. It automatically assigns the incidents to the corresponding technician.

Your technician receives a push notification on his mobile or tablet  where he can see the incident data, the priority, the client’s data, on which machine, equipment or asset to act, and be guided by  GPS  to the incident location.

Generate from that incidence any commercial document, such as  estimates,  orders , invoices,  checklists or invoices.  You can also include photos, audios or documents.

Turn your emails into incidents with STEL Order Inbox

Attach and manage events, estimates, delivery notes or invoices from anywhere  to increase document  traceability.

Connect your technicians

Connect your office with your technicians, wherever they are.

Have your technicians located in real time to assign incidents or warnings to the nearest one so that they receive it instantly on their mobile.

Customize the roles of your technicians, each one accessing only the information he/she needs. From the mobile application or from a computer, you can customise it within the locksmith software.

Configure the roles of your team members so that they can only view, edit or create those elements that you want them to.

Shared agenda

Shared scheduling and automatic tasks for preventive maintenance.

You have at your disposal a shared event and task center with which to plan your company’s work.

Create  work  calendars and share them with your technicians.

Attach photos and other documents to the agenda. Save time, eliminate errors  and improve communication in your  company with STEL Order’s smart agenda for easy and powerful incident management.

Simplify your company’s management with STEL Order

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Control your incidents and maintenance efficiently

STEL Order allows you from receiving and assigning incidents automatically to your employees to creating a complete preventive maintenance plan.

  • You have the inventory of equipment or assets installed in customers and on which you have to manage preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Show your catalog of products, services, spare parts and parts with your mobile or tablet.
  • Use STEL Order’s online and mobile catalog to provide all your technicians with technical information to help them in their work, installation manuals, installation photos and spare parts.
  • Winning estimates that turn into work orders. You and your technicians can generate estimates or work orders in front of your client, including parts used, labor, travel, remarks and other information.
  • Collect the signature on documents with your cell phone or tablet on your documents. Once the document is signed, email it to your clients with one click and eliminate paper. At that moment, the central office will already have the document in real time without errors.
  • Generate any commercial document from the estimate with a single click, from the office or at the incident site, synchronized in both cases.
  • Your company does not stop even if you are offline. Work in a basement or in places without coverage, do not worry, show your catalog, make invoices, estimates, delivery notes, create calendar events and check the balance of your clients even if you do not have connection at that time.
  • As soon as you recover the Internet connection, all the information will be synchronized automatically and without errors.
  • Work reports, delivery notes and invoices in one click.
  • You will instantly receive the delivery notes or work reports ready for invoicing with a click of a button.
  • Collect and digitize the signature of your clients on all your delivery notes or work reports on your mobile or tablet directly as soon as you finish the job.
  • If you need to, you can print your documents (invoices, estimates, orders and delivery notes) from your own cell phone or tablet, using a portable printer.

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