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New version of STEL Order: 3.12.4.

Generate and send 500 invoices in a minute and much more.  We are very proud of the new version of STEL Order in which we have combined the inclusion of new functionalities and a continuous improvement process that helps you to make your business and your life easier....

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GDPR applied to your sales invoices

Do your invoices meet new data protection requirements? In May 2018, new data protection regulation came into force. In the previous article, we saw how GDPR should be applied in our company. However, it is also important to know that this data protection regulation...

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10 factors which influence entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurial success Entrepreneurship has existed throughout the history. But in the recent years, probably due to the economic, social and cultural situation, the significance of entrepreneurship has been increasing. It’s getting more and more common to start an...

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GDPR: Is my company ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation applicable directly in the EU law on data protection and data privacy for all individuals living in the European Union and in the European Economic Area. In this article, we want to explain all the...

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Successful women entrepreneurs

Every day there are more and more women entrepreneurs. Not only women who create their own startups but also the ones who invest in other people’s projects. There is no doubt that we are at a stage in which women play a very important role in a process of creation of...

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Brand value for the customer

The main goal for entrepreneurs is to encourage clients to purchase their products or use their services. This can be achieved through increasing brand awareness. In order to draw attention to our business, we should understand the relation between brand preference...

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Social media marketing

How much time do you spend on Facebook every day? And what about Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…? Well, you’re not the only one – each day millions of people visit various social media websites. Therefore, if you’re responsible for marketing your company, you should...

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Become a STEL Order Partner

We want to keep on improving our business management software and we need your help. With our special partner program, you will be able to help us develop our software and create new functionalities. No matter whether you’re a STEL Order client already or not –...

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New STEL Order Version: 3.8.2

On the 6th of April, at approximately 05:00 local Spanish time, we launched the newest version of STEL Order which contains a few changes and some improvements, such as new document statuses: Here is a full list of updates for this version: A new button to...

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