How to attract more customers in 2020?

The best tips to increase your sales in digital media by Bernardo Salazar, guest author who gives us digital marketing tips to apply in your company. Generate active communication with your customers and attract more sales this 2020.

This week we have as guest author Bernardo Salazar Jiménez, passionate about technology, digital marketing and inbound sales, more than 15 years of experience and founder of the agency Media Source.. As a digital media sales professional, he leaves us some tips to follow in our companies.

Today I want to show you 5 proven techniques or strategies to attract customers in 2020.

For these techniques to work, as they work for me, you should know that it is necessary to invest in a team of professionals or, as Timothy Ferriss suggests, to outsource to professionals.

Now, I would like to make a small clarification before we dive in, it is true that outsourcing generates a cost… but do not forget that your time also has a value and in many occasions it is convenient to hire a person to focus your time on tasks that generate greater profitability.

That said, let’s get started.

1. The first technique is to have a professional website.

If you already have a website, it is a step but it is not enough to have it, it is necessary that it helps you to convert and generate customers.

In an article published inEntrepreneurI mention why it is not important to have a beautiful website but a functional one.

The key points to determine if your website converts are as follows:

– It is possible to make updates without depending on a technical team.
– You can launch promotions in an agile way.
– It is possible to add new plug-ins.
– Month after month you receive more web traffic from search engines without paying.
– It is possible to measure user interaction in order to improve.

The basis of a website structure that converts is usually found in tools like these:

  • Pressidium
  • WPEngine

2. To have a first level blog

Nowadays, having a blog is indispensable for many reasons, but let’s talk about the main one.

All users seek to solve their problems or objections and the way to do it is by asking questions.

Yes … believe me, we do it by asking.

Let’s look at an example of a company that sells solar energy systems.
Let’s suppose that one of the most relevant benefits is that your customers reduce their electricity tariff.

So, if a potential customer sees that as a problem, they are likely to ask a couple of questions to explore if there is a way to make their electricity payment go down.

Some of the questions you may ask are:

● How can I pay less for electricity?
● Alternatives to avoid paying too much in electricity
● Actions to achieve light savings

All the answers to these questions put that potential user on the path to becoming a customer.

But if your company is not the one to answer them then you will be competing in a red ocean where, in effect, there are already those who want a solar system but who will evaluate all existing proposals.

As your company is the one that responds and guides the user, the probabilities of success increase significantly and a BLOG is the best strategy to increase it.

The more questions you answer and the more you guide your potential clients, the more your company will be respected and recognized in the industry.

3. Building a database with people’s permission

A professional site and a blog that answers every question, providing the highest possible value, give us the ideal scenario to build a database.

It is not just a matter of asking them to leave their contact information on the contact page or on the request for quotation page, there will be contacts who may do so but, believe me, they are few.

The main reason is because as users we have created a mechanism against these forms, since we know that the moment we send them, they will start selling to us.

That is why we now prefer to inform ourselves and once we have almost all the information, is when we can give the seller the opportunity to give us options or tell us about the benefits.

Now, with the context of why a contact page alone is not enough, let’s look at what works.

It is similar to the questions, except that here a little more effort is required.

Let’s use the same example as above, the user reads a couple of answers about how to reduce his electricity bill, the content could mention something related to saving devices and suggest a couple of techniques that can be easy to implement.

By the end of the reading, he already knows that there are alternatives that, while not completely solving his problem, put him on the path to solving the problem.

Here you use free downloadable resources that allow you to take those small actions or get more in-depth information. The resources must be of high quality since the currency you are going to ask for is very valuable.

You place the resources behind a form, which when completed is shown to the user, so far you both got something of value.

Important point: Do not deliver resources that do not allow you to take action or expand on a topic; there are countless resources that are simple to produce but have enormous value.

The more resources you provide, the higher the qualification of your prospects you can have, because the main point of building a database is that since the resources are very useful, the user is willing to continue consuming your materials and, with them, you get more data.

In the destination pages where you place the form make sure that you do not exceed 5 fields, trying that most of them are multiple choice.
So, this point combines the technique of downloadable material and lead qualification strategy.

4. Maintain active but valuable communication

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing techniques.

But there are elements to consider when planning a strategy that focuses on the use of email marketing.

  • Number 1: That your database was really built by you and it doesn’t matter if it was through organic or paid means, but that when the user leaves their data they know and identify your brand.
  • Number 2: Make sure your database is highly segmented, so you can personalize your communication and achieve better interaction.
  • Number 3: Personalizing is not just putting Hello [Nombre], it is talking to you about what interests you then directs a communication in an assertive way according to the pain or problem that you previously know by the resources it consumes.
  • Number 4: Don’t sell, never sell, even if you make up the best heartbreaking story it’s very annoying to be sold, it’s spectacular that your prospect wants and desires to buy from you because of all the value you’ve let them know your brand and service offers.

Email marketing can be combined with automation and this makes the qualification work more effective, points apply equally.


The 5 points above offer a lot of potential as long as you implement them and improve them with the metrics you obtain.

It may seem like an easy job but it requires a team with the knowledge of every technique, program or element required to make your sales a success.

While it’s true that you can do it alone… it’s also true that it doesn’t compare to the results of doing it as a team.

I hope you find them very useful and successful for 2020!

Bernardo Salazar Jiménez

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