Sales Management Software

Manage your sales and distribution operations

Optimize your sales force by improving your commercial management by creating all commercial documents wherever you are.

The online and mobile management software that helps you sell more and sell better

sales management

Sell anywhere

You can use STEL Order to carry your business with you on your phone and tablet, so you can keep selling your products  and services wherever you go.


Increase your sales

An organized and powerful way of selling more that helps improve your professional image. Discover a new way to work with technology.

tablet catalog

Show your catalog on any device

You can use any device to showcase your products, with images and technical information, while managing your stock, discounts and prices.

tablet orders

Sign your orders

Take note of new orders while browsing through your catalog, and collect a clients signatures as soon as they order from your business.

distribution management

Organize your sales force

All of your team will work within a connected environment in perfect harmony, with individual roles and privileges that you control.

online crm

Carry your clients with you

You will be able to contact your clients directly with any device to create estimates, sales orders, invoices, delivery notes and any other document.

stock management

Connect your warehouse and sales teams

Stock management, margins, reports and invoices. Every part of your business will be synchronized!

online and mobile invoicing

Create and send invoices instantly

Creating personalized invoices using your smartphone and sending them over to your clients has never been this easy. Start invoicing!

Your sales agents always connected to your offices and warehouses

Take advantage of the STEL Order app and improve your sales and distribution operations. STEL Order is an ideal solution for sales agents and distribution companies, because it allows them to show and sell their products efficiently wherever they are.

Showcase your products using your phone or tablet

You can create an online catalog where you can add every product and service that your company offers. You can then access your catalog on any device to show your clients what you sell and to take new orders from them on the spot.

Consult and update prices, stock amounts, discounts, sales histories, supplier details and more. You can also attach documents to each product, such as contracts, images, instructions and other useful information.

Find out more about our online catalog feature.

Your clients and prospects are always available with our online and mobile CRM solution

STEL Order enables you to carry around all of the information you need regarding your clients: where they are based, contact details, how much they owe you, what orders you need to deliver, when and how much they spend… You can view this information and even include tasks in your online calendar.

Assign your clients to a specific agent or make them visible to everyone. Add attachments such as contracts, SEPA payments and other documents to your list of clients to keep them accessible at all times.

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mobile clients

Create estimates, orders, delivery notes and invoices with client signatures

STEL Order allows you to create every possible document that is required in a sales operation. Create estimates, orders, delivery notes and invoices in real time. You can generate a delivery note or an invoice as result of a previous document with just one click, and you can even create an invoice for multiple deliveries in just a few moments.

Your clients will be able to view and sign any documents you create on your screen. Once signed, you can send it anywhere you want in an email (which completely removes the need for paper documents). Your main office can view, through STEL Order, your created documents and confirm any of your operations from there.

Surprise your clients and improve your productivity with STEL Order.

Organize and manage your sales team with STEL Order’s smart calendar

STEL Order comes with a smart online calendar to create and plan events which can be shared with other users. Create specific types of calendars and share them with your sales team. When one of them creates an event for a visit, they will automatically receive a notification on their phone when the time of the appointment is approaching. You can also add an event whenever a new document is created (estimate, order, invoice, etc).

Attach images and other documents to your calendar and use tasks as a means to communicate between your office and sales force. You will no doubt save time, minimize mistakes and improve communication using STEL Order’s online calendar.

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online and mobile calendar
sign invoices

Collect your clients signature using your smartphone or tablet

You and your sales team can create estimates, orders, delivery notes and invoices right in front of your clients. Collect their signatures on the spot using your smartphone or tablet and surprise them with your use of technology.

Once the document has been signed, you can forward it to your clients or colleagues with just one click and eliminate the need to print copies for everyone. Your main office will also have a copy of the created document on their computer in real time, with no mistakes.

Information of interest at the right time and in the right format

Knowing the financial results of your business during a certain time period, your clients current account balance or the estimates that you sent last week which need approving are all important pieces of information that need following up.

STEL Order provides all of this information and much more in a detailed yet simple layout whenever you need it, on any device.

Find out more about our management reports feature.


Some of the functionalities of the ERP online and mobile that revolutionizes the management of your business

stel order devices

Online Catalog

An online and mobile catalog integrated into your ERP so that you could surprise your clients and sale anywhere.

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With STEL Order CRM you will have all the information of your clients and potentials wherever you are.

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STEL Order is a ERP software in the cloud to manage your company just with a program.

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Technical Services

Thanks to the SAT module, STEL Order its the favorite ERP for installers and technical services.

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Create your invoice in your mobile, tablet or PC. Know when your clients read them and collect faster by card.

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Manage your suppliers, purchase orders, purchase receipts, purchase invoices, and other expenses from anywhere.

Know more about how you can optimize your purchases and expenses.

Online Calendar

STEL Order Calendar online it’s ideal for planning and improve the communication and activities of your business.

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Your ERP offers you all the information you need about your business and at the right time and way.

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Your bookkeeper in your STEL Order

Invite your bookkeeper into your STEL Order, and let access to the necessary information when its needs. Without paper. Without calls.  

Are too many the features of STEL Order that are thought for help you in your day a day of your business management.

Are too many the features of STEL Order that are thought for help you in your day a day of your business management.

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