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Have access to your mobile and web calendar from your management software and receive instant event notifications on your smartphone.

Thanks to the STEL Order online agenda, you have access to all the information related to the events in your calendars, which you can check from the mobile and tablet app or the web application.

What can you do with the STEL Order calendar?

Multiple calendars

Create different calendars with documents and clients associated with them.

You can have all the calendars you need and personalize them for each employee of the company.

You have full control over the calendars. You can even share them, create recurring events and classify them by category.

Tasks creation

Within STEL Order you can create different tasks and attach images and documents to them, check their status, and assign them to your employees. Besides, you will be able to check with just a glance which tasks are still pending.

Share events, tasks, and their attached documents with your employees, and associate them with your clients.

You can also receive emails or mobile notifications as far in advance as you set it up to, so you will never miss anything again.

Attaching images and documents

Attach images and documents to your events and access the documentation you need at any time.

You can attach any kind of document to an event, such as images, assembly manuals or equipment warranty documentation.

Attach to your events the documents that you need to provide to your clients during sales or service visits.

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