How to create a client information sheet

Every company owes its customers, so being in possession of as much customer information as possible by companies is a mandatory task if it wants to take advantage of one of the greatest competitive advantages a company can have is its own customer base.

If over time you have been forced to put order in the documentation you have from your clients, the best way to do it is to create a card control system. In this post we talked exclusively about client information sheet, but we have also talked about supplier file cards and to have control of many other areas of your company.

1.-What is the purpose of the client information sheet?


Every company is to its customers, so that being in possession of the informationabout it by companies is a must if you want to take advantage of one of the largest and most important competitive advantages a company can have is its own customer base.

A company that deals with its customers knowing at a glance any data of interest will have a smooth relationship, in addition to knowing the best way to build loyalty to increase sales based on previous experiences and eliminate possible errorsfor future services. In this way, the customer will be rewarded with a good treatment and the company will obtain a loyal customer for a long time

But a good client information sheet is not based on wanting to collect all the information and put it down on paper or on a management software, but it has to have the data correctly structuredand accessible so that anyone dealing with customers can obtain this data in an agile way. 

In short,an ideal client information sheet should be relevant, simple, up-to-date and accessible to anyone who needs access to it, so it is certainly advisable to have it hosted in a cloud management software. As we have already mentioned, a good client information sheet will provide us with valuable information from the past to take advantage of in the future, we explain it to you now.

1.1.-Customer loyalty based on previous experience


Customer loyalty is as important, if not more important, than making new sales. Based on the customer’s purchase history we will be able to analyze if it is profitable to offer a promotional discount to keep you with us, to know tastes or preferencesregarding our products and services to be able to offer them in the future or if a problem has arisen to talk to him and know that we are trying to fix it as soon as possible and make him feel cared for. 

As you can see, the options are endlessand in this way, thanks to relevant and simple information we will be able to offer a personalized treatment depending on the essential characteristics of the customers, which will undoubtedly will improve the company’s brandimage by making the company’s our customers are more willing to speak well of it, so new sales will come without us having to look for them. 

1.2.-Advance to the customer


In the previous section we mentioned that it is useful to know the tastes and preferences of the customer, so this also applies to this option, whenever we include new services we can offer them   customers who have already shown some interestin the same or related services. 

In addition, thanks to an orderly and relevant information you will be able to see if your customer buys by cycles and whenhe should place an order, to anticipate himself or to contact him if you have not received the call you should have received and check that everything is OK. 

2.-What data should we include in a customer information sheet?


We have remarked that a customer file must have relevant, updated, accessible and simple information in daily use, the source of information to be able to complete the client’s sheet will be provided by the data provided by the client himself but Much more important will be the information that we obtain after interacting with our customer, this information will be collected by the sales team, administrative or directly by the technicians, but it is very important that it is always collected. 

Here we leave you with the data that every customer file should have:

  • Basic data: These are the data that we will collect in the first contacts with the customer and they will be provided by the customer himself because they are part of his basic informationtrade name or company name, NIF o CIF, address, e-mail or contact telephone numbers and finally the bank details or the preferred method of payment, of course we will also have to record the date you first contacted us and we created this file. 
  • Contextual information: From now on, any interaction with the clientshould be noted in this part, they will have to be clear and concise notes so that any commercial or administrative person who has never spoken to this person before will be able to know his history at a glance. If your customer has commented that he usually performs these orders on a quarterly basisor if you have had a problem that you would like to solve, it is a very valuable information that is providing you and that you can use to your advantage in the near future, dating these interactions with the customer are also of utmost importance.
  • Commercial data: Unlike contextual information, this is data about the business relationship between you and the customer in the past. This information is also very useful since we will be able to extract important patterns such as the cycle in purchasesand the difference in sales between orders. Typical data to be analyzed are purchases by quarters and the total amountof purchases.

With these basic data you will have a complete customer file. 

3.-Customer’s sheet model


If you would like to have a customer card template to create your own, we provide you with our customer cards within our software. If you are interested in creating a control system for your customers using this technique, we are sure that you will also be interested in trying our business management program, where you can manage your company in a much more complete way. Click on the images to see them in higher resolution:

example of a customer file with datasample customer file with commercial datasample customer file with commercial datacustomer information sheet template with bank detailscustomer information sheet with e-invoice

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