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Stock control

Stock control is an essential process when managing your company.

Plan and control all the goods in all your warehouses with STEL Order’s warehouse management system.

Work with several warehouses at the same time, managing your stock perfectly, in real time.

Effective Product Control

Visualize the actual quantities of products at any given moment.

Configure purchase prices, minimum sales prices, commercial margins, barcodes and associated taxes.

Online catalog, with all the images you need to show the products from any mobile device to your customers, wherever you are.

Use your mobile as a barcode reader or show the products to your customers, even without Internet connection.


A multi-warehouse software allows you to manage the stock of all your warehouses simultaneously and centrally, guaranteeing the documentary traceability of the stock transfers of your warehouses.

Control the corresponding movements of the different warehouses automatically from a single document.

Work with several warehouses at the same time from a single application on your mobile or tablet, Android and iOS.

Stock reports

Improve your purchasing decisions, with the help of real-time reports on inventory tracking and available products.

Consult the history of incoming and outgoing movements by product and by warehouse, know at all times the location and traceability of the flow of your items.

Identify in time the items with higher or lower turnover.

Stock control in installations

You have the inventory of equipment or assets installed in customers and on which you have to manage preventive and corrective maintenance.

Control the corresponding movements of the equipment in the different vans that technicians install daily, ideal for technical assistance service companies.

Visualize at all times the stock of warehouses, vans or stores from a single application on your mobile or tablet, Android and iOS.

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