Register your receipts and tickets as soon as you buy something

(*) Alice uses STEL Order to check if there are any pending deliveries from her supplier.

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Manage all of your purchasing information online using your smartphone or tablet

Our software allows you to manage every possible operation related to your purchases and suppliers by visiting the web version, or by using the STEL Order app from your tablet and mobile phone.

You can check all of this information at any moment and in any place: suppliers, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, expenses, pending payments, receipts, etc… All of this information will be accessible and up to date thanks to STEL Order being a cloud software.

All of your supplier and purchasing information always up to date

STEL Order’s Purchases module allows you to have your supplier details with you at all times, and to contact them or place an order with them wherever you are.

Use the web version or your smartphone/tablet to check which orders, invoices and delivery notes need paying. This will also enable you to know what materials are due to arrive, when they will arrive and what payment terms and dates are attached to each order.

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Register expenses other than invoices

You can use STEL Order to register expenses that are not part of an invoice: tickets, salaries, social security, freelance contracts, insurances, etc… You will also be able to set due dates for these expenses as well as being able to classify them into different categories.

Send the latest invoice summary to your accountant

Say goodbye to paper documents and having to collect, scan and print every invoice. STEL Order allows you to export any of your invoices into an invoice summary which can be presented in a PDF or Excel document. This document will collect all of the information that your accountant or adviser may need: clients, references, taxpayer numbers, totals, taxable amounts and more.

You will also be able send detailed information in an Excel or PDF file about payment dates, paid amounts, payment options… Everything your accountant or bank needs to fulfill any legal requirements!

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