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Maximise the potential of your business

Control all your company’s internal processes and improve the quality of your commercial relations with your customers.

Comprehensive management of your business with the advanced functionalities of STEL Order.

Management of all your company’s processes

Achieve visibility, control and more efficient results, with more organised processes using the comprehensive management automation tools of STEL Order.

Reduce costs and achieve greater profitability of your products by controlling the stock in your warehouse, avoiding losses or lack of supplies.

Improve your company’s customer service and external communication. Plan your commercial actions oriented to users. This will make your company a more secure, organised and reliable business.

Invoice with total mobility and access from any device, even without Internet connection.

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Attract, retain and boost your business relationships

Customer loyalty is a key element for the growth of your business, because it costs more money and resources to acquire new customers than to keep the ones you already have.

Introduce in your business strategies concepts such as email marketing, reviews, rating reviews and reading acknowledgements.

Introduce concepts such as email marketing, rating reviews and acknowledgements.Progress in your communication with consumers using the STEL Order CRM.

The STEL Order CRM incorporates automation tools such as Connect, Inbox, rating widget and payment default notification, which help you to make your customer loyalty and customer acquisition strategies more productive for your business.

Effectively control your invoicing system

Efficiently manage your invoicing, wherever you are and from any mobile device or PC.

Streamline your invoicing with recurrent invoicing from any mobile device or PC.

Easily issue invoices with the recurring invoicing of STEL Order, automate the creation of invoicing documents and send thousands of invoices with just one click.

Reduce the time spent managing your invoice collections and reduce the number of uncollected bills with STEL Order’s online payment by card or Paypal.

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Total management of your catalogue of products and services

Display your catalogueanywhere and create quotations even offline.

Configure purchase prices, taxes and create minimum selling prices and trade margins.

Control your assets at customer premises and the services linked to them.

Manage prices and special rates for each client or work area.

In addition, control yourreal and virtual stock to always know the status of your catalogue.

If you don’t love running your business with STEL Order we’ll give you your money back

Maintenance and installation management

Mobility solution for technical assistance service companies. It speeds up the operational processes of equipment maintenance and incidents.

The STEL Order APP allows greater flexibility and autonomy of your technicians or employees.

Have your team connected in real time to improve the service offered to your customers, solving their incidents in less time.

Work in a basement or in places without coverage. As soon as you regain internet connection, all information will be synchronised automatically and without errors.

Effectively connect and co-ordinate your workforce

You have at your disposal a shared event and task centre with which you can plan your company’s work.

Create work schedules and share them with your technicians, including maintenance and other automatic tasks.

Add photos and other documents to the agenda and improve the traceability of documents.

With STEL’s GPS you can quickly locate your technicians and better assign jobs or emergencies.

Comprehensive control and monitoring of unlimited projects

Ideal for any type of specific actions defined as installations, works, refurbishments or any type of project.

No limits! You can manage an unlimited number of projects at no additional cost.

Attach and manage events, estimates, delivery notes or invoices from anywhere to increase the traceability of documents.

Plan the project and control through reports the status of the project as well as its profitability and detailed expenses.

funcionalidad de trazabilidad documental en el programa de gestión de proyectos de STEL Order

Connect STEL to your accounting software and invite your advisor to join.

Within STEL Order we have created a space for one of the most important people who accompany you in your business management, your advisor.

Forget about sending your advisor emails with thousands of receipts and invoices attached.

In addition, define which elements you want to transfer to your accounting software, such as invoices, receipts or account entries and exits.

Import all your entries into your accounting software with just a few clicks!

Know the current status of your business with advanced reports

View your company’s reports from anywhere.

You will be able to see at a glance the situation regarding income and expenses in the periods you are most interested in. Control cash flow and treasury.

View the amount invoiced, collected or pending for the total or for each of your customers separately.

Check the performance of your employees by analysing how much they invoice and who sells the most along with the products or services you sell the most.

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