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Configure user roles

You can grant your employees access to STEL Order. This will also allow you to select which sections they can view and what operations they can carry out. For example, you can make it so that your technical team can’t view the purchasing price and margin values for your products.


Customize your invoices

STEL Order allows you to personalize your invoices, estimates and other documents. Include your logo, brand colors, watermark and what information you want displayed on any of your documents. You can also save templates for every language and occasion, as many as you need.

Personalize your communication

You can configure the messages you send when emailing invoices, estimates and other documents over to your clients. You can also attach additional documents, such as contracts, terms and conditions, promotions, instructions, etc…

Receive read receipts

Thanks to our read receipt system, you’ll know instantly when your clients read your invoices and other documents you send over to them. This is exceptionally useful, as it allows you to do a follow up call after a potential client has read your offer, for example.

GPS Locator

Another optional feature you can activate on STEL Order is your GPS Locator. Find out where your employees are in real time, or where they are when they create a sppecific document. If you want to know more about this feature, get in touch with us.

Import, export and update

You can import your existing data into STEL Order with just a few simple steps or export all of your client, product and supplier information into an Excel document, as well as being able to update large amounts of data on STEL Order in one go by uploading a new Excel or .csv file.

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