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Management structure and efficiency have experienced a huge growth since we started using STEL Order.

Guillermo Chicote

Manager, Servitermic

Technical and Maintenance Services

Our first client was a leading company in the technical and maintenance sector for restaurants and other similar facilities. We started out developing a software and app that would allow them to assign incidents and notifications to technicians, who could then use their phones to view detailed information and create invoices, orders and delivery notes instantly.

Since then, we have evolved STEL Order in order to create the number one invoicing and management software for maintenance, installations, security, technical, electrical, plumbing, construction and renovation companies and professionals around the world.

There are currently more than 2.000 companies and business owners in the technical and maintenance sector that use STEL Order for all their invoicing and management needs.

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Sales Agents and Distribution Agencies

Our second client was a company dedicated to hardware sales and distribution. Thanks to its mobility, business owners and companies that dedicate themselves to retail and distribution will find an ideal use for STEL Order.

They can carry their catalog with them at all times on their smartphones or tablets, and find out everything they need to know about their clients as well as being able to create estimates, orders, delivery notes and invoices. They even have access to a calendar that can help them plan, optimize and manage their sales operations. Every salesperson is always connected to both their office and warehouse at the same time, and they will always be able to offer accurate information about their products.

There are currently over 1.500 companies and business owners in the sales and distribution sector that use STEL order for all of their invoicing and management needs.

Find out more about our invoicing and management software for sales agents and distributors.

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Shops and Stores

STEL Order is also ideal for small and medium-sized shops. It works as an online point of sale (POS) with all of the the potential advantages: they can completely manage their business by having access to information about their clients and products, as well as being able to create estimates and invoices using a barcode scanner. They can also print their invoices and receipts as tickets using a ticket printer.

Thanks to having everything on the cloud, shops and stores will be able to access their company information from anywhere. They can manage their sales, cash flow, stock and also update the price for all of their products without having to physically visit the store.

STEL Order also offers access to employees and to view their individual and collective sales. Another interesting feature is the ability to showcase products from an online catalog using a smartphone or tablet, which will allow shop owners to offer detailed information to potential clients and close deals without having to carry all of their products around with them.

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Offices and other sectors…

We created STEL Order with the idea of making it a useful invoicing and management software for most sectors and every small business owner.

It comes with all of the key features that any business needs. All of their information will be neatly organized and available anywhere at any time, using their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Professional service agencies, engineers, IT support services, manufacturers, designers and marketing agencies are just some of the additional sectors that use STEL Order as their main invoicing and management software.

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