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12 Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur Tips

It takes a lot of effort, time and strength to embark on the journey of creating a new business. Not everyone prepared to take this step. But many are making the mistake of jumping into it blindly due to the "boom" in recent years of this type of activity. In fact,...

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STEL Order New Version: 3.1.3

We have been working very hard in order to evolve STEL Order to its newest version (3.1.3), which will be available on Tuesday 28th of April. We have added some new features and improvements to make its use simpler, and so you can obtain more useful information for...

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STEL Order Update 3.1.5

This Thursday, 7th of May, we will be implementing a new update for STEL Order (0.31.5) with error modifications and corrections that you, our clients, have requested. This update will implement the following: - The ability to hide the Deposit button on the app if the...

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Be more productive before the summer holidays

Summer is here and many business owners and managers are looking forward to their holidays. However, most business owners and entrepreneurs will have a hard time switching off when doing this. Your company was created by you, it's a part of your life, and this is why...

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The Cloud – the next step for your business

The use of the Internet in our lives has become something of a routine and almost mandatory in many ways. The Cloud has changed the way we communicate with our surroundings, including friends and family as much as the companies that we buy from. We now buy and...

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We are very proud to announce that ORDENATECH, a company dedicated to IT Support Services, is now working alongside STEL Order and is our new partner thanks to the Partnership Program. STEL Order provides the best business management and invoicing software on the...

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