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Business management for distribution and sales

Distribution and sales companies want to work with business management software which will be adjusted to their needs.


It should always be possible to:

  • Prepare an estimate, sales order or a delivery note from a mobile or tablet
  • Showcase a catalog of our products online, with all the information updated – images, technical specification, characteristics etc.
  • See client’s information: previous orders, most frequently demanded products, special prices, balances, unpaid invoices etc.
  • Collect a client’s signature simply by writing it on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet and have it placed on the documents – as if it was written on paper
  • Work from anywhere also without an internet access
  • Have our current and potential clients always accessible
  • Send any document to our client via email
  • Control stock level of each product
  • Use a cloud-based calendar in order to manage all the business meetings and our workers’ tasks

Managers of distribution and sales companies often want to be able to manage their business from outside the office and have access to all the data wherever they are – STEL Order is a perfect solution for them.

What are the needs of distribution and sales companies and how are they fulfilled by STEL Order?


✔ Prepare a sales order, estimate, delivery note or an invoice

With STEL Order, you will avoid mistakes and prepare any business document in a very fast and easy way.

Collecting a sales order directly from a client is an easy task when using a mobile and tablet application.

You can create delivery notes, invoices and estimates, always according to the corporate image of the company.

Additionally, as STEL Order is a cloud-based software, other members of the company will be able to see those documents, provided they’ll be given a permission.


✔ Showcase an online catalog with pictures, description and all the additional information, anywhere you are

Another function, which is frequently used by this type of companies, is showcasing a products catalog with the aim of creating an estimate or placing a sales order.

With STEL Order, your products catalog will always be updated and will contain images, technical specification, purchase and sales price, margins etc.

Moreover, you can attach additional files in order to show them to the client.

You will always be able to check the number of units in stock and you’ll have an access to other functionality, available exclusively in STEL Order – Virtual Stock. This type of Stock will let you forecast future stock level and, therefore, you will know how many units you can sell.


✔ Check clients’ information: previous orders, most demanded products, special prices, balances, unpaid invoices etc.

You will have all your clients’ information at your fingertips: sales and purchase history, special prices, most demanded products, categories, turnover level, balances, unpaid invoices etc.


✔ Collect your client’s signature

It’s possible to sign documents created in STEL Order simply by writing a signature on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.


✔ Even if you don’t have internet connection or there’s no network coverage, your business doesn’t stop

STEL Order application works even without internet connection, therefore, you can keep on working if there’s no network coverage.


✔ A cloud-based calendar to manage all the business meetings and your workers’ tasks

A STEL Order calendar is fully integrated with the whole software, your clients, documents etc.

Moreover, it can be shared with other members of your company. Also, you can share events, set reminders and notifications, have a different calendar for each department etc.


✔ Import and export all your products and clients

If you have many clients or products, don’t worry – all the data can be introduced into STEL Order within minutes – just go to Settings > Import/Export.
You can also watch a video in which we explain how to import your data into STEL Order:



and if you prefer to listen to the tutorial, without watching a video, or download an MP3 file, you can do it here:



Moreover, it is possible to obtain different types of documents and information: profitability reports, invoices, sales per client, catalogs, warehouse and assets valuation, taxes etc.

Finally, you can work wherever you want to – at your office, at home… On the PC, introducing a username and password on https://www.stelorder.com/app/ or via an app.

Get a trial version completely FREE here.

Also, you can request an online STEL Order demonstration – we will show you how to manage your company and help you find the best way to apply STEL Order to your business.


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