How do we sell our products and services?

Each sales process is linked with different expectations. There is a seller who offers a service or product which the buyer might be interested in. There exists an exchange at which both parties want to participate and both have to reach an agreement. Therefore, the whole sales procedure can be referred to as business.

As a seller, we should avoid any situation which might result in a conflict. Therefore, we should imagine what each situation looks like from the buyers’ point of view and try to understand their way of thinking. We need to empathize with them in order to meet their needs, solve their problems and help them save as much time as possible. Nowadays, time is one of the most important resources. Time is money.

What are the steps involved in doing business?

In order to do business, we have to offer various proposals. We can’t just focus on convincing our client that the product we are offering is much better than the one offered by other companies. Instead, we have to understand what needs our clients have and be able to prioritize them because our clients’ expectations are not equally important for them.

Once we have examined our client’s profile, we have to focus on making our product look interesting to them. We might be offering the best product on the market, however, we won’t sell it if our client does not consider quality-price relation attractive.

In order to sell a product, the following aspects must be clear to us:

  1. List of fixed priorities

Fixed priorities are our preferences which can’t and won’t be negotiated. We will never accept any offer which doesn’t satisfy fixed priorities we have. For example, we can set a minimum price for a product we want to sell – no matter what, we will not go below that price because it’s our fixed priority and it can’t be changed.

  1. List of compromises

There are some aspects which we would prefer to keep fixed. However, sometimes, if we decide to adjust them to our clients’ needs, we will sell more. Therefore, before the sales process, we should prepare a list of compromises. We don’t want our clients to think that we are giving them some service as a gift – we want them to believe that we are adjusting it to their expectations.

  1. List of adjustable attributes

These are the aspects which are less important for us – we are going to negotiate them while offering a product or service which we want to sell. Those aspects cost us relatively little, however, adjusting them to our clients’ needs can help us make them feel very satisfied and special.

If we keep those steps, and information collected on our client, in our mind, we will be able to begin a sales procedure. In order to succeed, we have to prepare sales strategy – prepare a list of fixed priorities, compromises and adjustable attributes. While selling our product, we should focus on what our clients are saying, carefully listen to them and try to understand their needs and problems. At the same time, we should be “reviewing” our lists – this way we will be able to offer the highest-quality service to our clients and keep them satisfied.

Finally, we would like to underline that if we have high aspirations, we should constantly focus on improving our sales process. We don’t have to be arrogant or criticize our competitors – if we offer a high-quality product or service and treat our clients in the right way, we will definitely do business.

Do you have some questions with respect to this article? Do you know other sales strategies? Which of them has led you to success? We encourage you to share your experience in the comments below or ask questions if you have any doubts.

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