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What did work look like a few years ago in small companies?

A traditional management and invoicing software is the one which is installed on a computer and operates using data which is available on the PC.

The program is only available on that specific computer and all the information is saved on a hard drive. If the computer breaks down, gets stolen, a virus is being accidentally downloaded or there has been a power surge, all the data might be lost.

Moreover, we could access the data only when using this specific PC. Remote access was very limited, if not impossible, and almost always available through third-party programs, which often led to failures – in addition to the inefficiency of using two programs.

In practice, this was saying “goodbye” to mobility, as we were forced to work using our PC and were increasing the risk of losing our data (if, as mentioned earlier, a computer breaks down or gets stolen, a virus is downloaded or even when someone from the company accidentally deletes some data).

What does working in the cloud mean?

There are many ways of working in the cloud, and today we will focus on what an online business management software should offer. 

To work in the cloud means to be able to access all the information stored on a server, and to use its resources (its processors, hard drive, memory etc.) to run a program on it. We can benefit in many ways thanks to this option:

  • We do not have to download the program and install anything on our PC.
  • We can access all the data from anywhere in the world, using any device.
  • All the stored information is always accessible.
  • Security risk and potential data loss are minimized.
  • We do not have to update anything manually.
  • Ultimately, we can focus on our business, on selling more, on working better, being more organized, improving within-company processes etc.

In terms of security, why is it more safe to work in the cloud?

Bases on the example of STEL Order and what it offers as a safe, online business management software.

The servers that are used in STEL Order, are from AWS (Amazon Web Services), the world leader in cloud services with many important clients such as Siemens, Vodafone, Netflix, Spotify or FDA. Safety measures may be accessed here. You can be sure that when using STEL Order, you are working in the safest way possible.

In STEL Order a TLS 1.2 (a very strong protocol), ECDHE_RSA with an encryption P-256 (a very strong exchange key) and AES_256_GCM (a very strong encryption, military level) are used.

Namely, STEL Order developers, have made sure all your information will always be safe and that all the safety measurements have been carried out.

Are backup copies made automatically?

Of course, you don’t have to do anything manually here, backup copies are made automatically every day. However, if you still wish to make a backup copy manually, you can always export any needed information or necessary documents, download them and save as an Excel or a PDF file.

Final remarks

Every day, more and more small to medium enterprises from all over the world decide to join other companies which have been working in the cloud for years.

The possibility of carrying your office with you all the time and the security are invaluable. It is very easy and comfortable to use a cloud-based software, and, once you start using it, you will never want to use a computer-based software anymore. Bearing all those benefits in mind, we are sure that in the nearest future, all the SMBs will switch to working in the cloud. You know the answer now – is it safe to work in the cloud? YES!


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