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Sales representative is this type of profession in which being able to organize all the workload and provide a good image to the clients is crucial.

Sales representatives are responsible for selling and showcasing products and services offered by different companies, which might belong to various sectors, and they work on a commission basis. Therefore, it is very important for them to have a high-quality business management software.

This software should allow the managers to create calendars, set up reminders, and have an easy access to products and services catalog, with all the information and details available at any time. Additionally, the program should have a good communication system so that it is easy to contact each company and its collection point.

STEL Order fulfils all the requirements sales representatives might have and, therefore, it is a perfect software for this type of professionals.


A STEL Order catalog allows to store and display all the lists of products in a fast, attractive and functional way.

Products can be arranged into categories – we can create a separate category for each company we cooperate with or for each type of product. It is also possible to put all the products, which give us the highest profits, into one group.

For each article we are selling, a lot of information can be stored:

  • Purchase and sales price
  • Taxes
  • Sales rates (different prices for some clients)
  • Images
  • Attachments – we can upload product-related documents such as technical specifications, user manuals, warranties etc.
  • Stock management – we can check how many units are in the warehouse and how many will be available in the nearest future
  • History – to know how many units have been sold, to whom, at what price etc.

Sales: Estimates, Orders and Delivery Notes

With STEL Order, preparing estimates and collecting orders can be done in a fast and professional way.

Using a business management software, such as STEL Order, can be very advantageous. We can, for example:

  • realize sales orders or prepare an estimate using our mobile phone or tablet; we will always be provided with updated information (prices, number of units available etc.)
  • download, print out or send via email any document, also when using a mobile phone
  • collect a client’s signature on a mobile or tablet simply by writing it on the screen
  • immediately send an order to our supplier
  • use different templates with any wished design
  • easily include all the products and services details, which are stored in the database, with all the descriptions, images, additional information etc.
  • duplicate any order which has already been carried out, check what was bought etc.
  • check which products are usually bought by each of our clients


A STEL Order calendar looks very similar to Google Calendar but it offers better functionality, as all our clients and documents can be incorporated into it.

Calendar is one of the most frequently used sections by sales representatives. Here they can:

  • set up their business planner, reminders, client tracking etc.
  • have an unlimited number of calendars which can be shared or not
  • set up different business meetings
  • add description, documents, attachments etc.

All the data will always be synchronized between a PC and a mobile phone.

CRM of the clients

STEL Order is a very powerful and complete cloud-based business management software and it offers a multifunctional client section.

Clients information can be entered into the system in many different ways. It’s possible to:

  • define all the business details such as a predefined discount, payment option, payment date etc.
  • define and use different addresses for each client
  • establish different rates and special prices for some clients, for some products we have in the catalog etc.
  • check the history of the clients, sales, purchases, best-selling products etc. 
  • group clients by regions, types etc.
  • attach all the necessary documents such as signed contracts, maps, accompanying documentation and have them always available

As you can see, STEL Order is a perfect business management software for sales representatives and managers.

Explanatory video

We encourage you to watch a video in which we explain how you can use STEL Order when you work as a Sales Representative.

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