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In STEL Order, we want to share our knowledge to let you sell more and broaden your horizons. Today, we would like to present you the benefits of online marketing and tell you how to put a business online. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on the internet, both at work and at home, and you shouldn’t miss that chance of promoting your company.

Should I put a business online?

In most cases, the answer will be – yes. Why?

Firstly, it’s relatively easy and cheap to start an online business. Obviously, as the time passes by and your business expands, running your business online will get more complicated, time consuming and expensive. This will, however, be outweighed by all the benefits you will have a chance to gain.

Furthermore, you will be able to sell your products 24 hours a day. Even if your shop is closed, your clients will still be able to buy products you’re offering and get information about your company. Depending on the type of company you’re running, you might also gain more flexibility when creating a work schedule and be able to work from anywhere.

Moreover, if you put your business online, you will have a chance to significantly increase brand awareness and strengthen your business reputation. Each positive review left by a client encourages next visitors to choose your company. Don’t be afraid of negative comments – a few of them will increase your brand’s credibility.

Last but not least, selling your products online (or offering there your services) will let you stay in touch with your clients and improve the company’s image. As a result, potential clients will be more willing to trust your company. Therefore, the number of your clients and, later, sales will increase.

How do I put a business online?

Firstly, you should specify a domain name, for example yourcompany.com. The name should be clear and easy to remember; you should also use the same name for your company email (myname@yourcompany.com instead of myname@gmail.com).

Secondly, you need to create a company logo and prepare the whole design. It’s important to be consistent and create the whole website in the same style. This will represent your company online and let you make a good first impression when clients visit your web page.

Next, you should always bear SEO in mind. What does that mean? When creating a web page and adding any new content, try to make it well organized. Write a suitable title, subtitles, add keywords, description… All of this will “help” Google find your website and, as a result, it will be visited more frequently.

Moreover, you can consider using social media to promote your company. Obviously, this is not a compulsory step, neither will it be beneficial for each type of business. However, in most cases, it will let you stay closer to your clients, share your content faster and increase brand awareness.

It is also important to follow up with your clients to make them feel taken care of. If you’re online, you probably have plenty of customers, however, try to focus on fulfilling the needs of each person separately. Respond to emails, comments and answer their questions as fast as possible.

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