Successful women entrepreneurs

Every day there are more and more women entrepreneurs. Not only women who create their own startups but also the ones who invest in other people’s projects. There is no doubt that we are at a stage in which women play a very important role in a process of creation of new companies. Let’s meet some […]
Agnieszka Patecka
21 May, 2018

Every day there are more and more women entrepreneurs. Not only women who create their own startups but also the ones who invest in other people’s projects. There is no doubt that we are at a stage in which women play a very important role in a process of creation of new companies. Let’s meet some of the successful women.

Elena Gómez

Elena Gómez del Pozuelo is a head of Adigital (Spanish Association of the Digital Economy) and a co-founder of and According to Elena, “the biggest challenge for each woman, who wants to start her own business and make progress in her projects, is financing everything”. Nevertheless, Elena encourages women to benefit from (currently) low interest rates, which create a perfect opportunity to receive a business loan to develop interesting projects.


Elena Betés

Elena Betés is a founder of Rastreator and Preminen. Elena studied Business Administration at CUNEF and started her professional career at Arthur Andersen, and later completed her MBA at IESE. Since that moment, she got involved in various projects to start online insurance comparison. In 2008, she got hired by the Admiral Group to launch a comparator in Spain, she also founded her own company – Rastreator, which she then managed for the next seven years. Nowadays, she is dedicated to spreading Rastreator around the world. Her professional and personal experience has made her believe that women play a very important role in small businesses and has “the hope that we will not lack the ambition to make them grow”.


Gloria Molins

Gloria Molins is a founder and a CEO of trip4real. Gloria got her degree in Tourism, Advertising and Public Relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the CHN University Netherlands. She completed her Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at Business & Marketing School in Madrid and in Internet Business at ISDI, Barcelona. She devoted 10 years of her professional career to getting experience in big companies such as Hilton, Hewlett Packard (managing an Apple channel) and the biggest Google partner, as well as recently created startups. As a woman, she understands that “the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be made up of 50% women and 50% men; each day we are the ones who play an active role in the country and I hope that on each management level, there will finally be equality between men and women.”

At the end of the year 2016, Airbnb acquired trip4real for a sum of money which might amount to 6 million of Euro.


emprendedoras de éxito españolas

Pepita Marín founded We Are Knitters and, at the age of 23, studied at the ICADE Business School and in Reims, France. For a year, she worked as an international stewardess at Air France and, for the next year, as an auditor at PwC. She left her job in order to start a business, together with her partner Alberto Bravo. Therefore, she advises entrepreneurs not to launch a business alone. It’s not about a man-woman partnership but about two people who complement and support each other. Pepita states that „it’s a long and complicated journey, therefore, it’s better to have a company”.


Loudres Ferrer is a founder of Tot a Lot and Percentil. She started her professional career working as a lawyer in a telecommunication sector. Then, the desire to dedicate to something more creative led her to reinvent herself as a fashion designer. Loudres created her own brand with made-to-measure clothes. She also founded, together with her husband, the first online shop in Spain specializing in clothing and specific products for twins. For the past three years, Percentil has been the centre of everything for her, and a passion which she shares with two partners – Daniel Bezares and Luis Ongil. After many years of work, she states that “there is still a long way to go with respect of the opportunities women have on the labour market in Spain” but understands that entrepreneurship is a very attractive option.


emprendedoras de éxito

Virgine Rogé, a founder of Dietox, started her adventure at the age of 27. She couldn’t find a satisfying job, was finishing her Master and thought it was the best moment. What was the biggest challenge for her? Managing a team. She believes the key to success in the ability to attract and manage a team rather than ideas or financial resources.


emprendedoras de éxito

Cristina Aristoy in a co-founder of Singularu, a brand specializing at limited editions, exclusive designs and personalized pieces of jewellery. She completed a Bachelor’s degree at Industrial Design and Industrial Organization at the Technical University of Valencia. Cristina believes that entrepreneurship is a marathon, a lot of work and learning from mistakes. Therefore, she advises the ones who would like to be a part of the sector to get prepared for a real roller coaster and enjoy at the maximum the experience.


Yaiza Canosa is a founder of GOI TRAVEL. She began working at a young age, at the executive production of events, cinema and theatre. At the age of 19, she was managing the content of one production company in Barcelona and from there, she entered the technological world. She was a CEO of one service company and later she founded a company together with other partners form the area of consultancy and finance. Yaiza, now 22 years old, has set up GOI – her first startup. She knows that, little by little, women are going to change the system – „not only will this let women develop, but also the society.”


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