Última actualización: 04/10/2017

In this post we want to highlight what we think are the ten best apps for any entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer.

We’re taking three main factors into consideration for this list:

  1. Utility and features
  2. Pricing
  3. User friendliness

And with this in mind, let’s get started!

  1. STEL Order: The best valued management and invoicing app of its kind. It combines both ERP and CRM elements to create an ideal management environment so you can run your business from anywhere. Invoicing, purchases, estimates, delivery notes, clients, suppliers, calendars, reports… The list of things you can do with STEL Order goes on and on, and there are also many unique features such as being able to work offline or collect client signatures using your smartphone or tablet. And, for the price 18€ per month, you will also get all of the help and support that you need to use the program. Oh, and there’s also a web version!
  2. Evernote: This app allows you to create digital notebooks for everything from keeping track of your expenses and managing your calendar, to creating slideshow presentations and planning your next trip. Whether it’s personal or business expenses, keeping track of receipts is impossible for even the most organized of people.
  3. Hailoapp: Hailo is the easiest way to order a taxi in a big city, like London or Barcelona, without having to stand around with your hand in the air. Simply confirm your location, select “pick me up” and you’re all set!
  4. Goodtime Productivity Timer: Forget about procrastinating and complete your work using the Pomodoro Goodtime clock. It’ll help you use the Pomodoro technique:
    • Divide your work in 25 minute sessions of concentration and reward yourself with 5 minute breaks.
    • After 4 work sessions, take a longer break.
  5. Knock Knock: Entrepreneurs are constantly networking and conducting meetings, but it can be almost impossible to keep track of how and where you met someone. When you insert information into the app, it remembers all of the tiny details of how and where you met someone, allowing you to actually be in the moment instead of trying to remember information later.
  6. Jobandtalent: With this app you can search through more than 4,000 job offers for business owners and managers. It’s free for both Android smartphones and iPhone’s. It’s very easy to use and allows you to connect your profile with the best possible job matches, notifying you in real time when your CV is being considered.
  7. Contacts Plus: A replacement for the default calling application for Android phones. It replaces the phone book and dial pad with a much more appealing design as well as a series of features which are far better than what the phone offers. For example, it comes with multiple visualization options for your contacts, home screen widgets for your favorite or frequent contacts and the possibility to create groups where you can customize each contacts profile with social media links and much more.
  8. GoToMeeting: Use GoToMeeting to join, organize or program a meeting from your own device so you can carry them out wherever you are. This app is mainly intended to organize conferences or send documents and presentations from your smartphone with ease. The program is basically designed to organize and attend meetings in a virtual environment which allows you to share videos and voice calls as well as being able to share any sort of file from your smartphone.
  9. Adobe Acrobat Reader: The PDF viewer by excellence, created by the original inventors of the format. It’s the number one product of it’s kind, free and very trust-worthy when it comes to opening, amending and signing PDF documents.
  10. Pocket: The next time you see an article, a video or a link that you want to check out later, just save it to Pocket. It will automatically synchronize with your smartphone, tablet and PC so you can recover your list at any time and in any place, even without an internet connection. Plus, it’s free.