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The main goal for entrepreneurs is to encourage clients to purchase their products or use their services. This can be achieved through increasing brand awareness.

In order to draw attention to our business, we should understand the relation between brand preference and brand loyalty. We should constantly be working on encouraging our customers to choose our brand and be giving them reasons to stay with us.

Why do customers prefer some brand to other?

  • Brand familiarity
  • Attitude towards the brand
  • Relationship with the brand

Those three factors encourage the customer to make a purchase and help to increase brand loyalty.

Usually, customers have some list of preferred brands, which they choose when purchasing a specific product or ordering a service – this way it is easier for a customer to carry out a purchase process. The goal of each business is to be on such a list.

How can we get on a list of preferred brands?

In order to be a customer’s preferred brand, we should analyse what brand awareness consists of:

  • Brand familiarity: If the customers don’t know our brand, they will not select our company when purchasing a product or service. We should make sure that our (potential) customers will instantly think of our company when they need to buy something.
  • Attitude towards the brand: We can improve it offering various benefits. Our customers have to be convinced we are offering a good mixture of the product utility, its quality and price. Customers take into consideration those three factors when deciding whether to buy a specific product/service or not.
  • Brand relationship: Buying experience of the customer. The degree of satisfaction which a customer has at the moment of purchasing a product is a very important factor. It determines future behaviour of our customer and leads to brand loyalty. If a customer is satisfied, he or she will eagerly buy our product or service again in the future.

How to encourage clients to make a purchase?

Firstly, it is important that our product be linked with customer value. If clients can identify themselves with some brand, they will be more likely to spend more time on searching for information about products and services offered by this brand.

When a business is being set up, the brand value will determine the future target audience. But once the brand is consolidated into the market, we have to dedicate time to get to know our target group and understand the values which are most important for the clients. If we do that, we will be able to create a valuable relationship between customers and our company.

Once a relationship between brand and consumer values has been created and we know what motivates our customers to buy our product or service, we can start working on improving the purchase experience. At that point, we can say that we have encouraged the customers to choose our brand and have created a free marketing mechanism. Many companies decide to create a partner program to reward their clients for these involuntary commercial services.

When a person who is close to you recommends you a product or service, the probability that you’ll decide to buy it increases a lot. Encouraging your customers to recommend your brand should be one of your main goals.

If a customer thinks of our brand when making a purchase, shares our values and knows a lot about our brand, we can say this customer will stay with us forever.

In summary, we would like to emphasize that, in the recent years, a lot has changed with respect to the way of selling and marketing. In the past, previously mentioned aspects were not considered and most business would just focus on selling as many products as possible without creating any relationship with a client and restricting the personal contact to minimum.

If you, however, want to your increase sales, maintain customer loyalty and be a well-known and recognizable brand, you need bear all the aforementioned aspects in mind. Otherwise, you won’t be able to introduce yourself into the market, which is already filled with various brands fighting for customers’ attention.

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