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New Version of STEL Order (3.5.1): Update List

24 October, 2016
Next Tuesday, 7th of June, at exactly 5:00 am (local Spanish time), we will be launching STEL Order v3.5.1.

We have introduced and improved several features that will make STEL Order a greater ally when it comes to increasing efficiency and productivity within your company and organization.

+ Maximize productivity with an online schedule that is fully integrated with your management and accounting software

If your main purpose is to sell, you’ll want to have easy access to creating a reminder on your schedule to follow up on a conversation or an email where you send information or a price quote on one of your products.
If you have just made a sale, you’ll also need to create an event with specific information for one of your technicians to deliver and install your product, as well as being able to create an invoice or receipt to make the payment effective.
If you’re a technician carrying out an installation or attending to an incident that was previously created using STEL Order, you may also need to create an additional event where you finalize or review a certain job.

These situations and many more are the reason why being able to link your quotes, jobs, deliveries, receipts and invoices will help make your company more productive. This will also help increase sales and improve your service delivery while making your business and life easier.

Which is why our recent 3.5.1 software update will allow you to link company documents to your schedule events.
All you need to do is create an event after opening a specific document, by clicking on More > Create Event. Certain information will be loaded by default, such as the client that the document is intended for. This enables you to go from an event to accepting or signing a price quote, attending an incident, taking an order for one of your customers or even creating and billing a new invoice.

+ Related Documents: Allowing you to know, with ease, what document is being used or processed during a certain event.

Within each company document and incident, you will find a tab named Related. Here you will have access to all the related documents to the one you are viewing or the event that is currently on display.

This creates a very simple way to navigate between your documents by clicking back and forth between all of your interactions.
You will also have access to any events that are related to said documents as well as the current status of your invoices and delivery notes.

+ “I need to create an electronic invoice for a public entity”. No problem.

In some cases and in the event that your client is a public entity or organization, they will require you to send your invoice in an electronic format.
All you need to do is access STEL Order and download your invoice in the required format (More > Download > E-Invoice).

+ Aside from these three main updates, there are many more:

Find what you are looking for, quickly:

  • We have now included a field to search for documents using their “Title”.
  • There is now a “Title” column when listing documents.

More productive with your day-to-day tasks:

  • Navigation bar is now always present at the top.
  • Fixed pop-ups that allow you to copy any information from one place to another easily.
  • A new button to view or print documents.
  • More information on display when push notifications appear for incidents on the app.

Allowing you to work without boundaries:

  • You can now create clients and providers with the same Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

General improvements and bug resolutions.

We hope these changes help make your business and life much easier.

*Some users may experience connection problems until 6:30 am.


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