Última actualización: 13/02/2018

On the 20th of April, we will be launching the next version of STEL Order: 3.4.2

As we have mentioned in previous notifications, the largest change that we will be introducing with this update is the new email system, as well as some lesser improvements to create an better user experience.

Update List 3.4.2:

· New email system:
You can now send your emails using three different methods:
  • Sending them using info@stelorder.com as the sender address.
  • Sending them using the main email address for your company (i.e info@COMPANYNAME.com)
  • Sending them using an individual user email address address.

· Correction of the “ordered by payment date” configuration within the receipts section.

· Allowing receipt lists to be filtered by different dates, such as payment and expiration dates.

· Exporting bank account information from different lists and sections.

· Importing, exporting and updating bank accounts for clients and providers from the Settings menu.

· Changes to some texts to offer clearer information.

· Some internal preparations for the upcoming remittance features.

Coming soon…

  • SEPA Remittances.
  • Special prices and multi-rates.
  • Your STEL Order Clients: paying your bills online, viewing your catalog, placing orders, etc…
  • Read receipts for your emails
  • STEL Order on the global market.
  • Label everything.
  • Better and more accurate reports.
  • Regular billing (subscriptions and direct debit).
  • Completing invoices with just one click.
  • Many other functions and features that will make your business and your life easier.