Última actualización: 13/02/2018

Tomorrow, on Wednesday the 15th of July, STEL Order will be updated with new functions and improvements.

What are we going to add?

• Overall improvement to the synchronization process on the app when the company has a large amount of images and products.

• Automatically loading a payment option and term when an invoice is generated from an incident.

• Filtering items in the online catalog by description, both in the reports and lists.

• Filtering clients by commentaries, both in reports and lists.

• More information in the expense reports, including percentages.

• Optimizing images in PDF files for commercial documents, improving the size of the file that is created.

• Showing multiple total amounts when exporting an invoice book for purchases and sales.

• When sending an email, you will now be able to view a personalized title using the document reference.



Some users may suffer connection problems while the new version is being implemented, from 8:00 am till 8:15 am (local Spanish time).

We hope these updates help improve your experience with STEL Order.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!

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