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STEL Order Update: 3.1.5

27 October, 2016

This coming Wednesday, 1st of July, an update will be available to bring you STEL Order version 3.1.5 on every one of your devices (phone, tablet and PC). This update includes many new features which will help make your business and life easier.
After hearing your requests and suggestions, we have been working hard to implement some new features will hopefully make your experience much easier and simpler.

The following list are the updates that have been implemented in the new version of STEL Order:

  • STEL Order is now automatically configured to match your country
    Now STEL Order will automatically detect your country and pre-load a configuration that matches this (though you can always change this in the “Settings” -> “Company” section):
    – Currency
    – Location of the currency symbol
    – Number of decimals used
    – Thousands separator
    – Decimals separator
    – Taxpayer Identification Number
    – Time zones
    – Taxes
    – Default document names
  • Multiple Currencies
    You can now set a general currency for your company while applying specific currencies to each client.
  • More Decimals
    Now you can work with up to 5 decimals.
  • Automatic currency format
    This allows STEL Order to detect whether the currency in your country uses dots or commas as well as the number of decimals permitted.
  • Creating commercial documents with a different currency
    When using a different currency, STEL Order will automatically calculate the exchange rate using real time online information between both currencies. It does not apply directly to invoices and other documents, but it will appear in your reports and cost efficiency so that all of your information is displayed in a single currency.
  • New Incident state: Resolved
  • Solved the issue around pre-loading purchase prices
  • Solved the issue around synchronizing multiple documents when using a slow connection
  • Solved some visualization errors
  • Improvements to security and performance


Please make sure you synchronize all the information that has not yet been synchronized, as the update will re-do the entire database and some documents that have not yet been synchronized will be lost.

Some users may suffer connection problems when the update is taking place, from 6:00 am till 8:30 am (local Spanish time).

We apologize beforehand for any inconveniences that this may cause you and we hope you enjoy the new features.

Thank you for placing your trust in STEL Order!


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