STEL Order Update 3.1.5

This Thursday, 7th of May, we will be implementing a new update for STEL Order (0.31.5) with error modifications and corrections that you, our clients, have requested.

This update will implement the following:

– The ability to hide the Deposit button on the app if the user does not have “View Pricing” permissions.

– An error with the font type when creating PDF documents has been fixed.

– Some errors that occurr while exporting business documents have been corrected.

-Improvements with regards to the performance when synchronizing data with the mobile app.

If your smartphone does not automatically notify you of the update, enter Google Play and update the STEL Order app manually. Some users may experience connection issues while the update is in progress, from 7:45 am till 8.00 am (local Spanish time).

We apologize beforehand for any inconvenience that this may cause you and we hope that you enjoy the new version.

Thank you for placing your trust in STEL Order!

Make your business and life easier.

Alberto Abad

CFO. Telecommunications engineer who loves accounting and taxation. He leads the development of the leading invoicing software that makes life easier for thousands of freelancers and SMEs.

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